Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Au revoir 2011-12!

It is now time to say "au revoir" to last school year's blog and "bonjour" to the new one!! You can find it on: www.frenchucsjb.blogspot.co.uk
I hope you enjoy it as much as last year!
A bientot!
Mrs C :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Year 4 Olympic bodies!

The Years 4 did some research on Olympic athletes and labelled their body parts in French!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Penpal cards

Our French penpals wrote some cards to the Year 5 boys who could not come on the trip!

A drawing by Estelle to Oskar... How lovely!

Monday, 25 June 2012

French trip: so much fun!!

The morning: When we arrived, we met our penpals, although mine wasn’t there. Each group paired with a group of penpals and we went around the city filling a questionnaire Miss Couture made for us. I really liked our guide Manu who explained everything to us. I found the cannon balls in the façade of the Moret shop interesting. I think the morning was really fun! By Daniel 5C At 5:42A.M I woke up on Saturday 23rd June for my trip to Lille. Our group leader was the amazing Miss. Waterhouse. The journey was full of laughter with Karan eating chocolate buttons that early in the morning, Gabriel and Henry sleeping on top on each other and of course Mr. Thomas who had an all can eat buffet. (I think?) We arrived at 10:30 French time and there were our French pen pals sitting outside waiting for us. We had a questionnaire to fill in with some of our pen pals. Off we went to explore the lovely town of Lille. We had to find out all sorts of difficult questions. After a great morning with our pen pals we had to say goodbye and go for a quite simply delicious lunch. I had a ham and butter baguette, which was delicious. After that came probably the most famous French patisserie! The second best part of the day was the fantastic museum which is the second biggest in France. The trip was amazing and a great day out for all the boys that went on the trip and a massive thank you to Miss Couture for organising the trip and making it possible. By Jonah 5W

Friday, 22 June 2012

French play: review by 5c

By Ben:
" I thought the 5 c play of La Fontaine was the best play I've ever done. Even though there were some rare minor mistakes, it was incredible."

By Louis: "I would rate the play 9/10 . I believe the success of the play was not just the fabulous acting but also the wonderful help of Miss Couture and Mr Thomas. The play went really well and everybody enjoyed it!"

By Ethan H: "It was a great experience to be in the play, especially to be La Fontaine. I think all of the boys did really well learning their French lines. I asked some parents what they thought about the play and they said: "It was amazing especially considering the time you had to rehearse."

Thursday, 21 June 2012

French Day fun!

Last Friday, the school had a French day, consisting of a French play performed by the excellent The Flying Theatre Company for the Years 5 and 6, a delicious French lunch for all and finally a French cinema for the Years 3 and 4.

Here is a review of the French play by Jacob in 5w:
"On Friday 15 June, Year 5 and 6 watched a French theatre company do a French play. There were two people that presented it, they were called Frank and Pierre. It was more of a stand up performance because the audience was involved quite a lot. Pierre was very funny and my favourite bit was when they were having a conversation whilst juggling. It went like this:
Pierre: une baguette
Frank: deux baguettes
Pierre: une baguette
Frank: deux baguettes
Frank hands Pierre a baguette.
Pierre: deux baguettes
Whilst this was going on, Pierre was making funny faces that made lots of people laugh.
Another good but was when they were doing the weather forecast, this helped me learn a bit more about the days of the week and some weathers. The funny bit was that it was sunny one day and the next day it snowed!! In one part Pierre was doing the robot dance, this made me laugh.
It was a good performance that made me laugh in some bits and I enjoyed watching it!"

Even your teachers were asked to contribute!
Here is Daniel's review:
" Star rating *****
It was very funny with lots of jokes and very amusing stunts in it. My favourite part was when the Mona Lisa, a character from a picture on the wall, started talking to one of the brothers in order to prove she was not the grumpiest lady in Italy. My favourite stunt was when one of the brothers balanced a ladder on his nose. Overall, I thought this was a great production and suggest everyone to see it!"

Year 4 make and describe monsters! BODY WORK

Here is a video on body parts:

Here is the monster I described to the class!

Here are some more monsters descriptions, scaaaary!

3c master chefs

Ace's fruit salad looks delicious!

More yummy recipes!!

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Trip to Lille on Saturday!!

Here are some reminders for the trip to Lille on Saturday!

- meet at 7 am at St Pancras International
- bring rucksack with water, snacks, pen or pencil, suncream, anorak and 20€
- wear school track suit bottoms and polo shirt
- return at St Pancras International at 06:06 pm

See you there, I am looking forward to a fun day in France!

Master chefs of 3L

Year 3 top chefs: some very yummy fruit salad recipes!

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